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Mastopexy: Breast Lifting Surgery in Colombia

Quote with a Certified Plastic Surgeon:

What does a breast lift mastopexy consist of?

Have you ever wondered what is a breast lift procedure or augmentation mastopexy, well this is a procedure that allows us to reposition the tissues of the breast that is previously sagging it.

This procedure is done through different ways, depending on the degree of the tissues that are perfectly or directly sagging.

They can be done through an incision around the areola vertically or through a in better incision.

Which are used basically to achieve a good aesthetic shape, if more volume of the breast is desired, we can increase it using breast implants or fat transfer according to the shapes wanted by the patient and the expectations of the procedure.

Mamoplastia de Aumento - Cirujanos Plásticos Certificados

The surgery may take between two to three hours to be completed, you will go home the same day of the procedure, after full recovery of the anesthesia and pain control also will be provided to control the pain, after all the recovery time is on average about 8 to 12 days pose up and the full results will be seen about 4-6 months after the surgery.

Which are the Different Types of Mastopexy?

Breast lifts may be done with implants, with your own tissues or with a combination of tissues fat and implants, which is called a hybrid surgery.

The selection of technique will depend basically on the expectations of the patient, the degree of ptosis and the amount of breast tissue available.

All the options bring great results, putting the breast tissues in correct and aesthetic position related to the chest wall.

However, the results are slightly different given the presence of an implant, accentuating much more the cleavage and much more than the own tissues of the patient.

An evaluation to hear your desires and expectations is mandatory to establish a proper surgical plan to treat your own surgery.

Can I have a Mastopexy Without Implants?

Some patients may require or may not require using a breast implant for surgery. In cases where a good amount of tissues of the breasts are available, this choice is a good option.

Also, fat transfer may be included to increase even more the volume or the size of the breast.

The patient must mind, that results without implants look on the natural side, without marked roundness at the cleavage area.

The advantage of this choice is basically that no implant renewal is required, or secondary procedures related to the implant are needed. The main disadvantage is that you must have at least a moderate amount of breast tissue, to achieve an overall good shape.

Very small breasts are not good candidates for this option and in this situation an implant may be required.

How is the Recovery Process?

After the surgery 8 to 12 days of recovery are recommended to allow a good process of healing, especially to allow for the healing of the internal tissues of the breast and to basically reduce the risk of incisions breakdowns.

Mastopexia - Cirujanos Plásticos Certificados

During this stage a proper diet including proteins and vegetables is necessary to bring good nutrients to the tissues that are now healing.

You will be using a post-surgical brazier during the first three to six months to control the swelling and to reduce the stretching on the incisions and to reduce especially risk with breakdowns.

After 12 days you may resume office activities, and after 30-45 days you will begin live workouts.

The results are seen especially after the first four to six months, once the edema goes down.

The scars will improve and maturate during the next 12 to 18 months after surgery, which you will treat also with some creams.

Sometimes scar treatments are necessary and infiltrations lasers and silicone sheets may be required to improve the appearance of the scars. Your doctor will recommend them according to your healing process.

3 Types of Breast Lift Which is the Best?

There are three basic options that are used widely to do a breast lift.

  1. Around the areola.
  2. Around the areola and vertically.
  3. At t invariant incision or anchor scar.

These are selected according to the degree of laxity of the breast tissues that is present in each patient.

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In very mild ptosis which is the medical term we use for breast sagging, around the areola may be a good selection.

When a moderate ptosis is present, a vertical incision may be required in large doses lots of tissue and skin need to be removed and repositioned, there’s where a T in better incision is required.

Your surgeon will examinate your breasts and establish the best surgical plan according to your own needs.